The Lesser Drau in the Puster valley is not affected by glacial runoff and can be fished all year round. On average the river is 15 metres wide with a fast current that is interrupted here and there by large rocks, deep pools and eddies. It is in these pools that the brown and rainbow trout, grayling and charr lie in wait for their food. Big trout are fairly common and grayling measuring up to 50cm are caught regularly in the Lesser Drau. The river can be fished between April and the end of October. In late autumn, when water is at its lowest and visibility at its best, fishing with small flies can be a tricky but very entertaining challenge.


The river section in the Thal beat carries more water than the one in Abfaltersbach. Below the mouth of the Thaler stream there is a waterfall. In the Kristeinerbach you can fish the beautifully marked original Tyrolean brownie. The glass-clear stream meanders through the lonely hill moor, surrounded by impressive mountains – a picture-book setting for a day’s fishing and a unique natural adventure.


The Lesser Drau beat in Thal begins at the mouth of the Kristeinerbach and so joins up with the Abfaltersbach beat. It ends about 5km downstream where the Thaler stream flows into it. The beat includes the Sichelsee lake (2,450m above sea level) and the 10km of the Kristeinerbach. It was in the upper reaches of this stream that the original Tyrolean brown trout was first introduced 8 years ago. Fishing is permitted with artificial dry or wet flies, nymphs or streamer, all with no barb. Weights are not allowed.
Distance from the hotel: approx.. 10km

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