The Greater Drau is a majestic river that is up to 40m wide and flows relatively fast past banks full of alders and brambles. The flow is frequently interrupted by rocks and breakwaters, providing optimum living conditions for salmonids. Grayling of up to 50cm are no rarity here, even though catching one demands all the skill and endurance from the fisherman. Beside brown and rainbow trouts Danube salmon can be caught here all through the season – which says a lot about the stock. From the end of May until the end of August the river carries a lot of snowmelt and glacial runoff brought down from the Tauern mountains by the River Isel. In spring and from September onwards it is a clear, shining green. Long gravel banks become visible and rocks that are barely imaginable in summer brace themselves against the current.


One of the best grayling beats in the entire region, especially with the nymph but also for dry fly fishing, not to forget the excellent stock of rainbow trout.


This is the beat for big fish. This is where the largest grayling (58cm), trout (brownie, 67cm) and Danube salmon (123cm) have been caught. The water is particularly beautiful at the start of the season (April, May) and at the end of it (September, October, November).

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