Gail Kötschach


The Gail flows from the Lesachtal as a completely natural river in a canyon, right and left rise steep slopes wooded. She might as well be in a deserted area in Canada or in Chile. It is a real experience on a cloudless summer day to walk through this approximately 8 km long route, to fish through the deep pool and to find the next rock again a great place. Here you sit down for a rest on a pile of driftwood and here you save the best movie for your head cinema!

At the end of the canyon, the valley opens to Kötschach, the river becomes wider and flatter, flows through Mauthen and again follow about 4 km of natural river to the spot.


In the upper course you will find wild trout and grayling, there are 3 entrances, but the track is easy to cross and walk through. Short lightweight device is really fun here. The water is usually clear and nutritious.


The Gail is very varied, in the flat lower areas you will encounter more grayling and should watch the water well - because the long shadow in front of your feet could also be a huchen.

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